About The Hauler

The Hauler

The Growler Hauler is constructed from a single piece of high impact commercial grade ABS plastic, the same material used in automobile dashboards as well as a number of hospital and industrial applications where durability and strength is a must!

Currently, our Growler Hauler is available in two convenient sizes. The single Hauler is made to hold a single half-gallon glass growler, perfect for the lighter occasion! A wide cushioned handle for easy handling and a wide base for stability in your vehicle. The dual Hauler is for easy one handed carrying for two growlers at once! Same wide cushioned handle, centered between two half-gallon growlers for balance and fit formed stability for added security. Both sizes are designed to take the shock of the unexpected bump, and securely transport your growlers from brewery to fridge!

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About Us

The Growler Hauler was designed and developed by Steve Montiel, owner and master craftsmen of Montiel's Custom Plastics. Steve, who has over 35 years experience in the plastics industry, is highly respected and favored in the development of various custom plastic products. We are very excited about our new product, which will ensure many happy pints and support our local brewing community and beyond!

Our Goal

Providing a lightweight and practical way to ensure that your favorite craft brew arrives home as safe and secure as you! Please drink responsibly!


Our Growler Hauler has two areas for advertisement. One is the Growler Hauler™ label and the opposite side is available for your brewery or restaurant name and logo! Let our graphics department retrofit your logo on the available side for a small fee. Please contact us for a free estimate!

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